Plumbers in Theale, Leak Detection & Powerflushing Services

Are you a resident of Theale and dealing with a real nightmare plumbing scenario?

At ADI we’ve always had a policy of investing in updated training and technology for our plumbers and engineers and this in turn means our customers are always receiving a consistently high level of service from us. Our team of on-call plumbers near Theale is just part of our commitment to making your customer experience all the more enjoyable with ADI.

We also know that being a really professional plumbing company who provide courteous and prompt service to our customers is part of the reason why we’ve enjoyed so much success in our almost 20 years in business. As we mentioned earlier our plumbers have access to state-of-the-art equipment like:

  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Gas Tracers
  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Descaling Pumps
  • Snake Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Pipe Tracing Systems


Another benefit for ADI customers is that because we’ve been in business for so long we’ve seen and dealt with pretty much every type of plumbing problem you can imagine – from the most basic to the most severe. We routinely handle problems for both business and residential customers as well as providing our input on insurance related projects if required.

To complement our professional plumbing service we do also offer a comprehensive leak detection and powerflushing service too. Most plumbing systems will eventually suffer from some kind of blockage that needs to be removed. Traditionally this would mean major work but with our powerflushing equipment we can remove all dirt and limescale from inside your central heating system in very little time. If you think you might have a leak somewhere in your home then our leak detection equipment can track it down no matter where it is and all without needing to drill anywhere or dig any holes.

The competitively priced plumbing service we offer is now available to clients in Theale and also in:

  • Bradfield
  • Calcot
  • Englefield
  • Southend
  • Sulham
  • Tilehurst


Our customer service team is waiting to take your call right now on 0800 731 3848. Your call is FREE so don’t delay!