Plumbers In Staines , Leak Detection & Powerflushing Services

If you’re living in Staines and you’re looking for the best plumbers in the area then ADI Plumbers are a name you’d do well to become familiar with

Each ADI Plumber is very highly trained and qualified in all aspects of plumbing and will be able to provide assistance to both business and domestic customers with any of the following types of plumbing issues:

  • Sinks
  • Burst Pipes
  • Toilets
  • Radiator Valves
  • Water Mains


ADI have had extensive experience in the plumbing industry since the 1990s and we know that we offer each one of our customers an extremely high level of customer service. Part of our commitment to offering a complete plumbing service is that we also offer both leak detection and power flushing as part of our plumbing portfolio.

Leak Detection

Most plumbers will be aware of what leak detection is but not be able to actually provide you with it as a service. Our plumbers are trained in the use of a range of highly advanced equipment that allows them to trace the source of a leak anywhere inside or outside your home. This equipment is so precise it can locate a leak that’s buried several feet underground and to within a few centimetres of the source without digging any holes to find it. The equipment we use to achieve this is as follows:

  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Units
  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Gas Tracing
  • Snake Cameras
  • Moisture Detectors

Power Flushing

If you radiators or boiler are making funny noises or you’ve noticed that your radiators have cold spots then it might be time for a spot of powerflushing in your home. Power flushing, as the name suggests, involves isolating your plumbing system and cleaning your heating pipes, water pipes, boiler or radiator with a stream of high velocity water that’s treated with safe chemicals to wash away all traces of dirt and debris from inside your plumbing system. This means your central heating system will work more efficiently and a lot more quietly than it has in quite some time.

Our plumbers are available to provide customer support in any of the following areas:

  • Ashford
  • Chertsey
  • Datchet
  • Feltham
  • Hythe End
  • Old Windsor
  • Wentworth
  • Wraysbury


Our customer care team are just a call away now on 0800 731 3848 – why not call us today? The call is free after all!

Staines Office: ADI Plumbers – Suite 38, Knyvett House,  The Causeway,  Staines, Middlesex.  TW18 3BA  Telephone:   01784 892004