Plumbers in Rickmansworth, Leak Detection & Powerflushing Services

All property owners in the Rickmansworth area will be pleased to hear that ADI are now operating in their area

ADI offer a total plumbing solution for all of our clients in Rickmansworth who are in need of professional plumbing help from a company that really knows what they’re doing. Our commitment to you is that our team of on-call plumbers are ready to help you at very little notice.

Our engineers are equipped with the following sophisticated plumbing devices:

  • Descaling Pumps
  • Snake Cameras
  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Gas Tracers
  • Pipe Tracing Systems


As a whole ADI have been involved in the plumbing business for almost 2 decades so we have the experience and the knowledge to tackle any plumbing issues you might be struggling with right now. Any one of our plumbers can work on residential, business or even industrial plumbing problems if you need us to; we also handle insurance based work too.

Being true plumbing professionals the team here at ADI know that we also need to offer several additional services that are directly related to the plumbing work we perform, to ensure your absolute satisfaction with the work we do, and these are leak detection and power flushing.

When you have a leak that you can’t quite see or hear but you know it’s there that’s when ADI leak detection comes in handy. The equipment we deploy can find the source of any leak anywhere inside or outside your home in a totally non-destructive way with no need to dig or drill holes.

If you have a problem with blockages in your heating or plumbing pipes then you’ll need our power flushing service. The equipment we connect to your plumbing can rinse away all blockages and limescale using a jet of high velocity, specially treated water and leave your central heating working way better than it has done for years.

Our competitively prices, which is based on a flat hourly-rate, plumbing service is now available to customers in Rickmansworth and also in these locations:

  • Brent
  • Colnbrook
  • Denham
  • Harrow
  • Hounslow
  • Richmond
  • Wembley
  • Uxbridge


Why not call us today on 0800 731 3848 and have a chat with one of our friendly customer care team?

Richmansworth Office: ADI Plumbers – Room 395, Cardinal Point, Park Road, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. WD3 1REĀ  Telephone: 01923 428955